A new terror group, Khorasan, is ‘much scarier than ISIS’ admits US National Intelligence Director

The Muslim Issue

They will keep being created and coming, more and more of them like a Hydra. This is why it is completely essential – for survival if nothing else – to deport religious and practicing Muslims without delay, demolish all mosques, ban the Quran, end all travels and trade with the Middle East and take no investments from Muslims anywhere. All welfare payments to Muslims must end and the rapid breeding must be stopped. Prisons must separate and isolate Muslim prisoners from others. Schools and Universities need to assure Muslims are not hired within education to teach children or youth. The true history of Islamic invasion and the endless occupation and jihad of country after country need to be exposed to the general public as a duty contained in the religion itself. Muslims need to be removed from the West and isolated back to Islamic countries; and oil trade must be…

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Rav Yudel Rosenberg zt’l

The Nut Garden

Rosenberg-Ydel-color1Here is an interesting blog post. It makes mention of a Mekubal who lived in my little neighborhood of Toronto approximately one hundred years ago before establishing himself in Montreal. He translated much of the Zohar from Aramaic into Hebrew and was a champion of Jewish education [My people are gone into captivity, for lack of knowledge (Isaiah 5:13), cf. BT Shabbat 119b]. “The good of the community of Israel will arise through the study of the Zohar. We cannot say that that [salvation] depends upon [the study of the Zohar by] the great ones of the generation alone. For there will yet come a new revelation [of the Zohar] to masses of Israel… who will taste of the Tree of Life” (Zohar Torah, Montreal 1927 quoted in Ira Robinson see comment below for citation).

In the later part of 1905, Rav Rosenberg published Sha’arei Zohar Torah (Warsaw), where…

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